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Website creation in Russia

Everything just works. And nothing more.

Why in Russia?

  • Because in Russia there is a high level of education and many professional programmers. Many programmers from Russia work in large world companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others. Programmers from Russia differ in their ability to find original, creative solutions in difficult situations.
  • Because in Russia good quality, but cheaper. In recent years, the cost of oil has fallen three-fold. And since Russia's budget is 50% of oil and gas, the ruble's rate has almost halved.



  • Without prepayment. You order, we do and demonstrate. If everything suits you, then you pay and receive the site code.
  • Internationalization. Our sites support several languages ​​at once. Versions for different languages ​​may differ, it's not just a translation. At the same time, it is convenient to edit them.
  • Saving money. First you can order an inexpensive website-business card. Then, by ordering an information site from us, you receive a deduction of the cost of a business card site. Similarly, when ordering an online store you receive a deduction of the cost of the previous order.

Business card site

It plays the role of a "virtual business card" of an entrepreneur or a company. In a simple language and in concise form, he talks about the direction of activity, contact data, and the time of the organization's work. You can make a business card site free of charge with the help of site designers, but if you value your time, you can contact us.

Creation time: 1 - 3 days

Cost: 30 €


Information site

To place the information in its detailed and comprehensive form. Goods and services, their photos, descriptions, additional files for download. The client can study the appearance, functional characteristics and technical parameters of the goods. The information site is like an additional representation of your company on the Internet, but all purchases are made in the physical department of your store or representative office.

Creation time: 7 - 14 days

Cost: 150 €


Internet shop

This is a way of communication between the seller and the buyer, taking place on the virtual trading floor, which is equipped with a catalog of products and services, and a basket for their purchase. The mechanism of action of the online store resembles the work of a real supermarket: customers go to a web resource, make their choice, filling it with a basket, and make payment. The method of delivery and payment is chosen by the buyers themselves.

Creation time: 14 - 31 days

Cost: 500 €